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The owner
Bernard Magrez

Never Give Up

Away from the traditional school career and foreign to the wine world, my story is that of a passionate autodidact who started from nothing and decided to “never give up”.

Holder of a CAP in sawing wood at 16 years old and without any Bordeaux family lineage, it was at 19 that I discovered the workings of the profession by committing myself to a wine house in Bordeaux.

At only 23 years old, supported by a banker, I created my first company, William Pitters International, which would take Porto to second place on the French market. This will be the first success of a long series with respectively three brands with impressive commercial spin-offs: Whiskey William Peel, Tequila San José and Malesan de Bordeaux wine.

On the strength of these successes, I decided to make a major professional shift by selling these brands to embark on a new adventure: the Grands Crus Classés. Today, I am the only owner in Bordeaux of 4 Grands Crus Classés: Château Pape Clément (Graves), Château La Tour Carnet (Médoc), Château Fombrauge (Saint Emilion) and Clos Haut Peyraguey (Sauternes).

Exceptional stays, oenological experiences and training, the Châteaux are an opportunity to open the doors of my legendary vineyards and to share the secrets of the Great Wines with as many people as possible.

My adventure also extends internationally with 42 vineyards in 9 countries around the world (Spain, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Italy) which represent as many different types of wine and as many intense and bewitching emotions as I want to share."

Helping others

Because I have experienced family injustice and I recognize myself in those who feel excluded from a classic course, I have made it my mission to share my experience and my success to help future generations by fighting against injustice. .

Since 2014, I have been involved in artistic patronage with the creation of the Cultural Institute which supports artists, organizes exhibitions and sets up artist residencies.

For years, I have been involved in the fight against cancer by financing the needs for very high-tech equipment at the Bergonié hospital in Bordeaux.

This fight also goes through the protection of the children of an orphanage in Thailand that I support by improving reception conditions, food needs but also education.

More recently, I started supporting new businesses through a Start-Up incubator to give young entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas a chance."


The only owner of 4 Grands Crus Classés in Bordeaux

Discover the world of Maison Bernard Magrez

Apart from the exceptional vineyards, Maison Bernard Magrez has developed a multiple universe complementary to the excellence of its wines 



Multiple wine tourism experiences combining prestige and refinement for tailor-made stays, events and visits in an idyllic setting: exceptional rooms and suites, private visits, tastings, blending workshop, wedding celebrations or business seminars.



A passion for innovation through a Scientific Research center which works, among other things, on the protection of the environment through the practice of biodynamics and the study of global warming.



A strong commitment to patronage in favor of contemporary art and classical music through the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute: access to contemporary creation, meetings and exchanges with artists and setting up artist residencies.



Business support through the Bernard Magrez Business Network, which allows members to benefit from numerous privileges, and through support for start-ups via the Start-Up Win Incubator.

The values of Maison Bernard Magrez 



Core value of the company.
It is with this unfailing will inherited from its founder that the House develops and innovates at all levels.



Despite his success, Bernard Magrez has remained humble, which is why he is committed to helping his neighbor by financing and supporting the education of an orphanage in Thailand, by committing to the Bergonié Institute for the fight against cancer…



It is thanks to its level of requirement, its ambition to strive for perfection and its permanent rigor that the company has acquired unequaled prestige in the wine world.



Aware for many years of the environmental issues of vine growing, the scientific center of Maison Bernard Magrez has set itself the task of developing sustainable precision viticulture.

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